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Ever found a place where dining is so leisure, fresh fish never runs out of menu and the music has the sound of the waves? To us, that place is Kertos Seafood Restaurant and it is located at the beach of Nea Chora in Chania. It is the place for genuine seafood lovers, but also for all those who are seeking an authentic seaside lunch or dinner based on quality and the purest ingredients that the island of Crete has to offer.

the Story behind

Kertos, as it is known on Crete or “Kiourtos” for the rest of Greece is a traditional fishing gear, handmade from weave reed. The bait used in the Kertos must be placed in a way, so as the fish cannot reach it from the outside. Therefore the fish are attracted and trapped into the Kertos. Located right on the beach of Nea Chora in Chania and inspired by this traditional fishing method, Kertos was born in 2015, as a result of our desire to create a restaurant that will offer you every day the best from the Cretan sea and land! Fresh seafood and fish, local delicacies and traditional Greek dishes, cooked with homegrown ingredients and an overabundance of personal care.

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From the Cretan Sea to your plate! Our dishes strike the perfect balance between traditional homemade recipes and Mediterranean flavors to create a menu that includes a choice for everyone! Fresh fish and seafood from the fishermen of Nea Chora, locally sourced vegetables and refreshing salads, creative pasta and risotti, mouthwatering stuffed grape leaves, kalitsounia and other local appetizers and on top of that, an exceptional wine list, are just a few of the things that you will taste at Kertos.

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A day at Kertos,
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What we offer

Seafood Flavors

Our seafood flavors will stick in your mind for a long time, making you reminisce about the scent and the taste of the sea even on the coldest winter days.

Cretan Creative Cuisine

Kertos menu is a clear reflection of life in Crete. Local ingredients, wild herbs, recipes that go down from one generation to the next, authentic methods, tradition and the purest form of hospitality, all blended under a fresh perspective with a creative twist.

Leisure Beach

All relaxed, with a cold coffee in hand. This is one of the most common answers when it comes to summer vacations in Crete. At the beach of Nea Chora in Chania, we put our best self to offer you a leisurely experience, as long as you enjoy your snacks, beer and beverages from our Kertos beach menu.

The Beach

Just a few meters from our restaurant lays the beautiful sandy beach of Nea Chora. Your day here starts with swimming and sunbathing at the beach in front of Kertos, enjoying your coffee, beer and cold beverages under our umbrellas. And when the afternoon comes, all you have to do is step into our jetty for a seafood lunch or dinner with the sound of the waves and the idyllic sunset making the perfect setting for your dining experience at Kertos.

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Our restaurant has the right to release your reservation in case of no-show within 20 minutes of the scheduled time.
Please inform us of any delays.